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The Special Secret in Tupacs Music......albums 1 & 2...

Tupac came into the game like an Apacalypse...with no signs of ILLness, no Reasons to Doubt and no suicidal thoughts about a Readiness to Die. lineup of super-producers, no crafted drug-lord image, and no shock & Horror lyrics.

The geeks will tell you that Tupac didnt have multi-syllibic rhyme-patterns and metaphorical double-entrende-wordplay flows with breathe control.... and we say SO WHAT he had SOUL!

Tupacs debut

.............................2Pacalypse Now

Young Black Male ( Self Explanatory)

Trapped (Police Brutality)

"You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion
Happiness, living on tha streets is a delusion
Even a smooth criminal one day must get caught
Shot up or shot down with tha bullet that he bought"

Souljas Story (Fighting Oppresion)

Violent (Dirty cops and Crooked Politicians)

Words Of Wisdom (Amerikkkan hypocricy)

"Protect thy self, reach with what you wanna do
Know thy self, teach what we been through
On with the knowledge of the place, then
No one will ever oppress this race again
No Malcolm X in my history text
Why is that?
Cause he tried to educate and liberate all blacks"

If my Homie Calls (Friendship)

Brendas got a Baby (Teenage Pregnancy)

Part Time Mutha (Drug abuse)

Thats Soul music for people with Soul.


Tupacs sophmore album

...............Strictly for my N.I.G.G.A.Z

On Tupacs second album he had to avoid the "sophmore jinx" he gave it his all... knowing that what was Written in his Lifetime would reflect his life after Death.

Holla if Ya Hear me (The Struggle)

"Until then, raise up!
Tell my young black males, blaze up!
Life's a mess don't stress, test
I'm givin but be thankful that you're livin, blessed
Much love to my brothers in the pen
See ya when I free ya if not when they shove me in"

Souljahs Revenge (Police Brutality)

The Streets R Death (Inner city issues)

Keep Ya Head Up (Dedication to Black women)

"Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots"

Something to Die For (Each one Teach One)

Papaz Song (Single-parent households)


While some emcees were complaining about being "Black and ugly" Tupac was bragging about being "Black and proud"...

Tupac had a Story to tell with a Message for Real niggaz.

So tell the people that listen to music but cant hear it that Tupac desrves to be in your top 5 or on your GOAT list because he had the most valuable gift an artist can have......SOUL
 be continued

Lil Wayne "No Ceilings" Mixtape.......

Artist : LiL Wayne
Title : No Ceilings Leak
Year : 2009
Genre : Rap
Quality : MP3 VBR 320kbps
Total Time : 30:05.256
Total Sise : 68.1MB
Uploaded : hotfile

02.Swag Surfin
03.Ill Holla
04.Say Yes
05.Birdman Money
06.With Her Eyes
07.Gimme Time
08.Errbody Know
09.The Mission
10.Can I Be Your Man
11.Anything You Want
12.Cant Believe It
13.The Jump
14.The List


Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

50-Cent "Before I Self Destruct" Advance


01. The Invasion
02. Then Day Went By
03. Death To Enemies
04. So Disrespectful
05. Psycho (Feat. Eminem)
06. Hold Me Down
07. Crime Wave
08. Stretch
09. Strong Enough
10. Get It Hot
11. Gangsta's Delight
12. I Got Swag
13. Baby By Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)
14. Do You Think About Me
15. Ok, You're Right
16. Could've Been You (Feat. R. Kelly)

JayZ and a Healthy Obsession.........over Nas

We all respecrt JayZ as one of the greatest to ever do it but his obsession with Nas is a little curious...........

1. Reasonable Doubt (1996)..... JayZ sampled Nas on his track "Dead Presidents" "Im out for presidents to represent me"

2. Reasonable Doubt (1996).....JayZ name-drops Nas with the line A thing of beauty, watch me, body crazy
Tits firm like nature, Foxy, Nas and AZ" on the song "Sunshine"

3. In my Lifetime Vol.1 (1997).....JayZ uses the line "Im from where niggas pull your card and argue all day about who's the best emcee's Biggie, JayZ or Nas"......."Where Im From"

4. In my Lifetime Vol.1 (1997)..... samples his voice again for “Rap Game/Crack Game”.

5. The Dynasty Rock-La-Familia (2000)....he shouts out homage with "It's like '93, '94, bout the year
that Big and Mack dropped; and "Illmatic" rocked" on "This cant be Life"

6. Blueprint (2001)...JayZ uses the line "From the womb to the tomb from now till my doom drink armi' from one cup pass it around the room..thats the ritual" which is a reworking of the Nas line "From the womb to the tomb presume the unpredictable gun salute life rapidly thats the ritual" (off "Only built for Cuban Linx "Verbal Intercourse") on "Never Change"

including the infamous name-drop off of "Takeover" "ask Nas he dont want it with Hov"

Then Nas dropped ETHER......

7. Blueprint 2 (2002)...JayZ name-drops Nas on the track "Blueprint2" and admits defeat with the lines "But I will not lose, for even in defeat There's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens it up for me When the grass is cut, the snakes will show I gotta thank the little homie Nas for that though"

8. The Black album ( 2003).... JayZ uses the line "S.dots on my feet back my cypher complete which is a re-working of the Nas line "Suede Tim's on my feet make my cypher complete" (off Illmatics "The World is Yours") on "What more can I say".

Then JayZ retires from the mic but the obsession continues..........

(2005) Jayz brings Nas onstage at the "I Declare War" concert

(2006) JayZ signs Nas to DefJam records

(2007) Jayz does a duet with Nas on "American Gangster" where Nas semds the subliminal jab "Worst enemies wanna be my best friends, Best friends wanna be enemies like thats was in But I don't give a fuck walk inside the lions den
Take everybody’s chips, about to cash them in"....

2009) JayZ unveiled plans to do "Swagga Like Us part-2" feat. Nas, Andre 3000, Jeezy, and Kanye West off his upcoming comeback album Blueprint 3.



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