Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Neighborhod Chef Presents; The Fools Gold Loaf a.k.a "The King Sandwich"

One of the most gluttonous delights in the universe is now ready for your enjoyment!

Nobody could make a sandwich famous like Elvis Presley could. In fact, Elvis made a lot of things famous - peanut and banana sandwiches (not the sandwich in question), pink Cadillacs, etc. Being the King, and generous to a fault, Elvis liked to share the things he loved with the people he spent time with. What follows is an amazing tale that demonstrates this fact to the extreme.
It was February 1976, and Elvis was hanging out at Graceland with Captain Jerry Kennedy, member of the Denver police, Ron Pietrafeso, leader of Colorado's Strike Force Against Crime, plus a couple of his other buddies. They were hanging out in the "jungle room" - a room decorated with Tiki-type accessories, a large waterfall, and rabbit-fur pillows.
Elvis sat in his Kon Tiki throne as he talked with his guests. Since two of the men were from Colorado, Elvis told them about a visit he'd had in Colorado on one of his tours. After a concert he went to a restaurant called The Colorado Mine Company, where he ordered the most outrageous thing on the menu - a $49.95 sandwich called the Fool's Gold Loaf.

The Mine Company (named after the fact that Colorado mined for gold, silver, and other precious metals) was a very popular dining attraction and social hub. It would have been a coup for such a place to have The King visit after one of his concerts, and they would have delighted in his ordering the house special. And special it was.......

The recipe is as follows: take a loaf of bread and pretty much coat it in butter or margarine. Toast it up in the oven, and while you're at it fry up a whole pound of bacon. Yank the "guts" out of the bread (hollow out the soft stuff) and slather a whole jar's worth peanut butter and a whole jar's worth of grape jelly into the cavity of the bread. Take the freshly-crisped up bacon and shove it in there too. Close up the loaf, slice it up, and eat it. 

This was the sandwich Elvis told his guests about that February night at Graceland. Both Colorado natives were fascinated. They'd never had this expensive sandwich before. And the way Elvis talked about it made it sound pretty good. One of the guys exclaimed that he sure would like to try a sandwich like that, and Elvis jumped into action.
Next thing you knew, they were all on their way to the Memphis airport where the Lisa Marie, Elvis's private jet, was waiting. Someone called head to the Colorado Mine Company to let them know that they needed a takeout order prepared within the two hours it took to get from Memphis to Denver. The proprietors of the Mine Company hopped into action, and thanked heaven they had recently stocked up on PB &J. They got the takeout order - 21 Fool's Gold Loaves, a case of Perrier, and a case of champagne - delivered to the airport hangar in the nick of time.

Elvis and his buddies dined on the not-so-healthy sandwiches (Elvis made sure to order enough for both pilots and invited those pilots to pig out with them) and flew back to Memphis right away, bellies full with quite a story to tell in the morning.

Ha-la-la-lelujah ooooooooweeeee 
bon appetit!

(The Nickelslick View is not responsible for any injuries or damage incurred while eating or digesting this item. Eating this item is associated with increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and death, 21 and over.)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Drake "Heartbreak Drake 3 The First Semester" Mixtape

1 . Heartbreak Drake Intro
2. Say Whats Real (prod. Kanye West)
3. A Little Bit f. Lykke Li
4. Cant Stop Missing U f. Trey Songz
5. Ransom f. Lil Wayne
6. Man Of The Year f. Lil Wayne
7. Pop Rose’ f. Trey Songz
8. Sooner Than Later
9. Money 2 Blow
10. Replacement Girl f. Trey Songz
11. Brand New
12. Come Real f. Kyoko
13. Take Your Girl f. Lil Wayne
14. Closer 2 My Dreams f. Adreena Mills
15. The City Is Mine (rmx)
16. Forever f. Lil Wayne & Nut Da Kid
17. I’m Still Fly
18. Swagga Like Us
19. This Bitch Is Crazy
20. Stunt Hard f. Lil Wayne & Nut Da Kid
21. Goin In 4 Life
22. Teach U A Lesson f. Robin Thicke
23. Cannonball f. Colin Munroe
24. Brand New (rmx) f. Lil Wayne

WALE "Attention Deficit"

01. Triumph (Produced By David Andrew Sitek)
02. Mama Told Me (Produced By Best Kept Secret)
03. Mirrors Ft. Bun B (Produced By Mark Ronson)
04. Pretty Girls Ft. Gucci Mane And Weensey From Backyard Band (Produced By Best Kept Secret)
05. World Tour Ft. Jazmine Sullivan (Produced By Cool And Dre)
06. Let It Loose Ft. Pharrell (Produced By The Neptunes)
07. 90210 (Produced By Mark Ronson Co-Produced By Deijon)
08. Shades Ft. Chrisette Michele (Produced By Best Kept Secret Co-Produced By Ju Ju)
09. Chillin Ft. Lady Gaga (Produced By Cool And Dre)
10. TV In The Radio Ft. K'Naan (Produced By David Andrew Sitek)
11. Contemplate (Produced By Syience)
12. Diary Ft. Marsha Ambrosius (Produced By The Sleepwalkers)
13. Beautiful Bliss Ft. Melanie Fiona And J.Cole (Produced By DJ Green Lantern)
14. Prescription (Produced By Best Kept Secret) 

Rihanna "Rated R"

"Rated R" tracklisting:
  1. "Mad House"
  2. "Wait Your Turn"
  3. "Hard" featuring
  4. "Stupid In Love"
  5. "ROCKSTAR 101" featuring
  6. "Russian Roulette"
  7. "Fire Bomb"
  8. "Rude Boy"
  9. "Photographs" featuring
  10. "G4L"
  11. "Te Amo"
  12. "Cold Case Love"
  13. "The Last Song

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Drink recipe of the Week: The Jägerbullet

If you plan on pulling off an all-nighter accept no substitute.

The Jägerbullet is the inner-city variant of the notorious Jägerbomb it was created in 2004 by a feared underworld bartender named "Charlie Sauce" who ran an after-hours spot in a modified garage deep in the seediest section of Dallas, Texas.


2.0 oz of Jägermeister herbal liqueur
5,0 ounces of Red bull energy drink
1 pinch of Nutmeg

(1) Sprinkle a pinch of Nutmeg in empty glass
(2) Fill glass with roughly 4-6 oz of Red bull
(3) Pour shots of Jägermeister in shot  glass...ignite with lighter
(4) Drop flaming shot into glass and CHUG

(The NickelSlick view is not responsible for bloodshed and mayhem associated with your intoxication...blame it on the alcohol)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is a Gucci Mane Part 1

Some people wonder what Gucci Mane's appeal is....he's slack-jawed, and pot-bellied, with lips so ashy you would swear he's just eaten a dozen doughnuts... possibly the first rapper in history to misspell his own name; the name "Gucci Mane" is how "Gucci man" is supposedly pronounced in ebonic-southern dialect, so its spelled like a lions mane rather than man like a human being.

Known for his cartoon jewelry, butchery of the English language, and double-digit murder-death-kills in Atlanta's slums, Gucci Mane is the hottest rapper in the streets, and I present to you in all of its glory his latest contribution to the destruction of our society....a mixtape entittled.........

"Burr Burr Blizzard".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Katt Burgler....the 9 lives of Katt Williams

First the Fat Boys break-up now everyday I wake up somebodys actin' a fool........

Comedian Katt Williams spent the weekend in jail after being charged with Burglary, and criminal trespassing after he was caught inside an Atlanta mansion wielding a crowbar while wearing corduroy house-shoes and a pirates hat. He reportedly stole $3,055 in jewelry and coins along with a Sammy Sosa rookie baseball card worth a reported $12.50.

In a recording of a 911 call a frantic teen, Daniel Broach, says Williams wouldn't let him leave and "threatened to beat me up."  (possibly with the crowbar) The caller also said he was being held against his will, and requested a police escort to the airport.

Sadly, Katts impassioned pleas for "Juice" to help quench the thirst within his perm were denied by strict jail officials fearful of combustion.

The gleeful comedian was released after posting a $4150 bond and making a strange request for pomegranate juice and walnuts.

Here's Katts latest  movie

Monday, November 9, 2009

Movie Monday....Black Dynamite!

 When “The Man” murders his brother, pumps heroin into local orphanages, and floods the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor, Black Dynamite is the one hero willing to fight all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House.

Mixtape Monday...Don Cannon & Young Dro "R.I.P I killed that Sh*t"

My guilty pleasure is a Young Dro mixtape...the most hilarious rapper in the industry, just listen to his Drake impersonation on "Best pill I ever had", or the background sound-effects that have become his trademark. The only m.c. in the game who can rap about eating whale meat and get away with it! Right now I have MO Money Mo Problems" '09" feat T.I. on repeat. ENJOY.

Check out the Mike Epps cameo near the end of the video!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The NeighborHood Chef presents the Legedary Luther Burger a.k.a the Doughnut Burger

The single most gluttonous delight in the universe is now ready for your enjoyment!

According to legend the Luther Burger was named for and possibly invented by the legendary singer/songwriter Luther Vandross (R.I.P) who devoured these treats with such insatiable lust that his weight would fluctuate between 200 and 340 depending on his ingestion of "Luther burgers".

Outlawed in many states and attacked by food critics for its health risks the "Luther Burger" is a taboo treat and a forbidden I present it to you in all of its decadence.

2 1/2 pounds of ground beef
2 Beef Hot links
3 eggs
1 frozen stick of butter(Cut into 4 pieces)
2 teaspoons of garlic or onion powder
Lawrys Seasoning salt
Pack of cheese slices

8 strips of Turkey bacon
6 glazed Krispy Kreme Original doughnuts

Mix beef with egg and garlic powder, and season lightly with seasoning salt. Roll meat into 4 patties, make a depression in the center of each piece of meat and place a frozen piece of butter into each meat patty and seal inside. Shape each pattie into 2-inch thickies, make sure to keep the butter sealed., Cover and refrigerate for about 1 hour. Meanwhile, light up the grill. Slice hot links in half and place on grill,

Place burgers on grate and grill until meat is to desired level of goodness. Smack each burger with 2 slices of cheese when the burgers are almost done so the cheese will melt. Remove from grill, and let burgers rest 2 to 3 minutes to marinate all the juices.

Meanwhile, fry bacon in skillet, place on paper towels when done, and pat off grease.  Leave about 1 tablespoon of bacon grease in skillet. Fry two eggs and put to the side, Place doughnuts  in frying pan and fry on low heat until slightly toasted.

Place 2 patties on doughnuts top each with 1 fried egg, four bacon slices, and 2 hot link halves.
All condiments are suggested and vegetables are optional but not advised....Enjoy!

Ha-la-la-lelujah ooooooooweeeee 
bon appetit!!!!!

(The Nickelslick View is not responsible for any injuries or damage incurred while eating or digesting this item. Eating this item is associated with increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and death, 21 and over.)


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