Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Conspiracy Corner: "Emasculation of the Black male image"


Its no secret that Hollywood/Hollyweird has ritual hazing practices that an actor must pass before he becomes a member of the Hollywood fraternity.

Typically a Black actor must emasculate, and effeminize himself by wearing a dress or taking part in some other homosexual orientated scene, yep, your favorite Black actors sacrificed their manhood in order to become a part of an exclusive's the top ten.

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10.) Cuba Gooding Jr..... "Jerry Mcguire"  One of the worst actors in the modern history of film was awarded an academy award after he showed his buttocks to the world while simultaneously showing his genitalia to a smirking Tom Cruise in a nude shower scene.

Aftermath...... with film abominations like "Radio", and "Snow Dogs" Cuba a.k.a Coonba is now considered a B- movie actor.

9.) Jamie Foxx "In Living Color" .... Before he was awarded an Academy award for his performance in the blockbuster movie "Ray" Jaime Foxx had to pay his dues by wearing lipstick and lace as an ugly woman named Wanda on the sketch-comedy show In Living Color.

Aftermath......after relinquishing his manhood poor Jaimie has been caught numerous times gazing lustfully at shirtless rappers and taking part in naked basketball games.

8.) Chris Tucker "The 5th Element" .... Before "Smokey" was getting paid $25 million for his "Rush Hour" series he had to play a sissy with a blond weave and fake eyelashes.

Aftermath.......Chris Tucker hasn't appeared in a movie outside of "Rush Hour" since 1997.

7.) Wesley Snipes "To Wong Fu...." before Wesley Snipes was allowed to do his "Blade" trilogy he was forced to sport a dress and tap-dance as a drag queen named Noxema.

Aftermath........Wesley Snipes movies go straight to DVD now in addition to him being out on bail while appealing his 3 year sentence for income tax evasion.

6.) Sean and Marlon Wayans "White Chicks" was only a matter of time before the big screens two most celebrated buffons threw on pantyhose but these ham-bones took it one step further by wearing "white-face" makeup and masquerading as white women.

Aftermath........the movie proved to be so sickening and humiliating that Hollyweird agreed to do a sequel set to be released in 2010 with Keenan Ivory Wayans directing. The brothers say they expect to win an award.

5.)  Denzel Washington "Training Day".... the greatest Black actor in the history of cinema refused to wear a dress, but not being able to resist the sweet temptation of getting an academy award for best actor he agreed to be "shot in the ass" by the hero in the movie. The signature line of the scene has an enraged Denzel bellowing "Arrrrrggghhh ya shot me in the ass"!!

Aftermath......Denzel was witnessed by comedian Mike Epps weeping bitterly backstage at the awards ceremony chanting "they made him shoot me in the ass".

4.) Martin Lawrence "Big Mamma's House" "Big Mamma's House 2" of the leaders of the "castrated clowns clique" Marty Mar', earned his stripes dressing as a hood-rat on his T.V. sitcom Martin, and Hollywood took notice awarding him with two derogatory films were he dressed as a feisty grandmama with a wig and orthopedic shoes.

Aftermath.....the greatest modern day minstrel performer in the business is planning a 2011 blockbuster called "Shenaneh & Wanda" with co-star Jaime Foxx where they both plan to act in full drag, further contributing to the destruction of Black civilization.

3.) Ving Rhames. Pulp Fiction" "Holiday Heart"..........the bigger they are the harder they fall I guess because the muscled and bald-headed Ving Rhames was raped with a red ball in his mouth by a red-neck police officer while a creature called a "gimp" watched in glee in the movie "Pulp Fiction" . This plantation buck was awarded a Golden Globe award shortly after and showed his gratitude by giving it away on stage and then playing a drag-queen in his next movie entitled "Holiday Heart".

Aftermath....Ving Rhames was forced to play his latest homosexual in the comedy "Chuck & Larry" were he exposed his buttocks in a nude shower scene similiar to Cuba Gooding in hopes that he might garner an award....his role was ignored.

2.) Eddie Murphy......"The Nutty Professor", "Norbit"....the crowned king of coonery enjoys nothing more in life then dressing as an old women, a fat women, or any woman just as long as he's wearing a dress.

Aftermath.......Eddie's most successful role for the past decade has been the voice of a cartoon donkey in the animated movie "ShreK".

1.) Will Smith "6 degrees of Seperation", "Wild Wild West".......In order for Will Smith to rise to the ranks of one of Hollyweirds biggest stars he had to pay a severe price, he was offered the dress in exchange for mediocre success and substantial money but William Smith wanted more. A fully nude bedroom sex scene with another male actor catapulted Will Smith into super stardom and he was rewarded with the best scripts and best budgets available and became the only actor in history to have eight consecutive films open at #1 on the domestic box office as a Lead Actor.

Aftermath.......Will Smith is the biggest Black actor in Hollywood.


  1. Will Cummings said...
    A lot of what you shared here may bruise a lot of egoes but it's sure nuf the truth. Thanks.
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Some of what is being said is dead on, and then some of the examples used I feel were the actors own creation where they felt the character they created was funny and innovative.
    Philip Roberson said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Anonymous said...
    Firstly I'm a fan of most of these men, but it doesn't negate the facts. Remember this universal rule: If there is a reoccurring complaint, then there's a problem. Besides Denzel Washington (who actually won an Oscar <but after being crooked despite all the positive roles he played) There is an overabundance of leading black male rolls that wore a dress before they went mainstream. Even the half-black actors that were masculine men were demeaned to a dress. Here's a test: Can somebody/anybody name 7, black, male, mainstream, actors between the ages of 21 and 50 that haven't wore a dress in their career? (Simple rule: mainstream means mainstream. I'm looking for staring actors, main characters in movies, that premiere in theaters with televised advertisement.) I could only come up with 4...
    dark eco said...
    Need proof of that Mike Epps witnessing banter.

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