Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nas Vs. Kelis "Its Cheaper to Keep Her"

(Isn't she lovely?)

A judge in California just ordered rapper Nas to pay his soon to be ex-wife Kelis $51,000 a month in spousal/child-support which comes to roughly $612,000.
Nas was unavailable for comment but was seen teary-eyed exiting a popular liquor store with a grocery bag full of whiskey and a canteen slung over his shoulder.

(What was I thinking!?)

Kelis, who gained fame for the song "Milkshake" is working on a new album, but fears for her safety after Nas' younger brother, "Jungle" was seen on her mansion property with a shoebox full of pineapple grenades and a crossbow. Let this be a lesson to you love-birds that refuse to sign a prenup, these uranium-diggers will take your last nickel and leave you homeless eating pigeons out of a hubcap in an alley somewhere.

(A picture is worth a thousand words)

Brotha Dee doesn't fool with American women, I got me one fresh out the jungle with papyrus draws and a bone in her nose...

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