Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Conspiracy Corner- Basketball Blogger gone Bad.."The Guns still bust in D.C"

If you are baffled at why Gilbert Arenas was caught taunting a fellow teammate by laying down  4 handguns including a gold-plated Dessert Eagle the size of a malnourished Somalian in the locker room of the Wizards Verizon center, brace yourself for the truth...the warning signs were always there.........

Gilbert's nickname is "Agent Zero"
Gilberts paternal grandfather is from Cuba
Gilberts playing position is "shooting" gaurd
Gilberts nickname is "Hibachi" (Japanese for "bowl of fire")!
Gilbert is a fan of Western style movies 
Gilberts favorite video game is "Halo" a first-person shooting game
Gilbert plays for a team formerly known as the "Washington Bullets"
Gilbert Arenas was born on January 6th (there are "6" bullets in a revolver)

Gilbert's childhood idol was N.B.A playor "Pistol Peete Maravich"
Gilbert was born in Florida home to the most violent drug gangs in the United States
Gilbert has a pet Mongoose named "Bazooka
Gilbert was raised in Los Angela's home to the most notorious gun violence in the U.S
The name "Gilbert"has the word "trigger" hidden and scrambled inside of it
Gilbert named his Hungarian revolver "Plaxico"
Gilberts best fried is violent gangsta-rapper "The Game" a Compton gangmember
Gilberts home is in Washington D.C., the D.C. stands for "Dodge City" as in dodging bullets

The writing was on the wall, and the warning signs were there.

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of America worse than a Black athlete with a weapon, blame O.J. for that and poor Gilbert will learn a valuable lesson in life ...Glibert was unavailable for comment but a spokesman for him said he was out "shooting' baskets.

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