Thursday, November 12, 2009

Drink recipe of the Week: The Jägerbullet

If you plan on pulling off an all-nighter accept no substitute.

The Jägerbullet is the inner-city variant of the notorious Jägerbomb it was created in 2004 by a feared underworld bartender named "Charlie Sauce" who ran an after-hours spot in a modified garage deep in the seediest section of Dallas, Texas.


2.0 oz of Jägermeister herbal liqueur
5,0 ounces of Red bull energy drink
1 pinch of Nutmeg

(1) Sprinkle a pinch of Nutmeg in empty glass
(2) Fill glass with roughly 4-6 oz of Red bull
(3) Pour shots of Jägermeister in shot  glass...ignite with lighter
(4) Drop flaming shot into glass and CHUG

(The NickelSlick view is not responsible for bloodshed and mayhem associated with your intoxication...blame it on the alcohol)


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