Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is a Gucci Mane Part 1

Some people wonder what Gucci Mane's appeal is....he's slack-jawed, and pot-bellied, with lips so ashy you would swear he's just eaten a dozen doughnuts... possibly the first rapper in history to misspell his own name; the name "Gucci Mane" is how "Gucci man" is supposedly pronounced in ebonic-southern dialect, so its spelled like a lions mane rather than man like a human being.

Known for his cartoon jewelry, butchery of the English language, and double-digit murder-death-kills in Atlanta's slums, Gucci Mane is the hottest rapper in the streets, and I present to you in all of its glory his latest contribution to the destruction of our society....a mixtape entittled.........

"Burr Burr Blizzard".


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