Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BlackFace Cheerleader Controversy

I used to laugh at those "Dumb Blonde"  jokes but today they became even more funny...

A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader decided to dress as Lil' Wayne in blackface for Halloween....yeah thats right Blackface like a modern day Minstrel performer...looks like blondie skipped Black History class so she could powder her nose and do cartwheels in her converse....

The blackfaced cheerleader is  21-year-old Whitney Isleib  and according to her Facebook (which has since been removed) one of her favorite hobbies is sleeping.....damn.

Things got kinda ugly when she decided to post her pics on Facebook.

 The sad thing about this whole fiasco is she actually used a LiL Wayne style styrofoam cup as a prop...minus the cough-syrup and apple cider that LiL wayne prefes...we hope.

The other partygoers chose a lighter shade of shoe-polish to mock Tony Romo's heritage and mexicans in general, and just in time for Latino heritage month.

The public outcry has been swift and loud with many people mistaking LiL Wayne costumes for just plain Ghoul costumes...the similarities are incredible!

The fact still remains Blackface has a historical legacy rooted in racism and is offensive to who re aware of its sordid history.

The more things change, the more things stay the same, you cant blame a person for being ignorant, especially bimbos. Somewhere in America  Pacman Jones is feeding a pitbull pork-rinds while drinking champagne out of the bottle and  laughing his Black a** off...


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